Friday, November 25, 2011

DEALS - Week of November 20th to 26th

This has been one amazing week of deals in our household... 

Not bad for $17.75.
I needed clothes for our upcoming addition to the family. I was able to get the 18 pieces of clothing above for $17.75 thanks to a lovely coupon I printed off of the Target website that is no longer available. It was $5 off a $20 purchase of their CIRCO line of clothing. Each piece of clothing was marked down to $1.25.

Then I needed some diapers. Target was running their buy 3 packages of diapers get a $5 Target Card. I remembered as I looked at my coupons that a few weeks ago I got 2 'Target coupons' that printed out after buying huggies that stated it could be used to get '$5 off a pack of huggies and wipes'. Since you can stack a manufacture coupon and a target coupon I was able to get the above for $8.91


I had also noticed in the Giant circular that there was a diaper deal. You could buy $30 worth of Huggies diapers and wipes and get $10 off your next purchase. On top of the $10 off there was another deal running that I found out about thanks to Forthemommas that if you bought 3 packages of diapers you would get an additional $5 off your next purchase. After manufacture coupons and these coupons for future grocery trips the above actually cost me $7.96.

Black Friday Deals at CVS:

Thanks to I had purchased a $10 gift card for $5. It was a huge help this week. I was able to get ALL of the above for free and GET PAID $8.46. I did 4 separate transactions in order to roll my in store credit into other orders to keep me from having to spend much cash up front. I may post the scenario tomorrow morning. 

Black Friday Deals at Rite Aid:

I was able to get the above for $2.96.

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